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TAOA Lobbyist

Geoff Connor serves as Director of Strategy for the Clements Center, and helps develop the Center’s role as a training center for future national security officials and scholars. Among other responsibilities, Geoff helps to identify and coordinate initiatives to...

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Video of Sunset Advisory Commission Review of Texas Medical Board (which oversees the Texas Acupuncture Board), with staff presentation and public testimony, December 9, 2016. Video of Sunset Advisory Commission Review Agencies Currently Under Review The portion of...

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When: December 4, 2016 (Sunday) at 2:00 PM Where: La Quinta Inn Austin Capitol 300 East 11th St. Austin, TX 78701 Why: ACUPUNCTURE CRISIS Topic : ACUPUNCTURE CRISIS !! 中醫針灸業的危機 !! Dear Acupuncturists, Prospective Acupuncturists, and Friends, The Acupuncture profession...

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Jon Port, J.D., Legal Consultant For TAOA

Dear Colleagues: The Texas Association of Acupuncturists is proud to announce that John Porter, J.D., has agreed to provide legal consulting services to the Association and to represent the interests of the Association and its membership at Texas State Board of...

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SB 419 Voted Upon

A recent vote was taken on SB 419 May 26th. The results of that vote are currently unreleased. 27/05/2005

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Sunset Laws Under Review

The New Sunset Laws are under review. We have posted the wording of the new law and you can also find them at. SB419...

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